Amanda Whelan

Amanda Whelan Owner of Illinois Beauty CEU, is a freelance Hairstylist/Salon Suite Owner, Platform Artist and Global Educator for Cinderella Hair extensions, Licensed Educator, and Licensed CE sponsor for the state of Illinois. Her goal is education. “It’s inspiring to learn a new craft & know the reasons why it works. Amanda, a Pivot Point alumni, has been in the Industry for 13+ years. She is always looking to learn more and give back as well. Being a mentor is so rewarding to her. “When one my students gets that “light bulb” reaction during one of my lessons or demos, that’s an amazing thing to be a part of.” Amanda's goal for IBC is to INSPIRE professionals of this industry in every class. By also giving other talented stylists the PLATFORM to share their knowledge with fellow professionals it allows our industry to help Grow, Inspire & Create GREAT things for our career for the future.